Degree Requirements, University of Illinois at Chicago

Total Required Hours: 48 (2 years to complete)

Basic Science Core Courses: 8 
Biomedical Visualization Core Courses: 25 
Elective Courses: 10 
Project Research: 5 
Total Hours: 48

Required Courses

ANAT 441: Gross Human Anatomy
BHIS 405: Medical Sciences and Human Pathophysiology
BVIS 400: Clinical Sciences
BVIS 405: Anatomical Visualization
BVIS 415: Computer Applications
BVIS 420: Illustration Techniques
BVIS 430: Surgical Orientation
BVIS 440: Instructional Design
BVIS 450: Graphic Design
BVIS 460: 3-D Model Design
BVIS 480: Business Practices
BVIS 595: Seminar in Biomedical Visualization
BVIS 597: Project Research
BVIS 598: Research in Biomedical Visualization
BHIS 499: Information Sources in BHIS
BHIS 500: Strategic Inquiry in BHIS
BHIS 595: Seminar in Biomedical and Health Information Sciences

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